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Heard About "The Jesus Spice?"

The Secret Ingredient In Rogue Doctor's "Whispered Remedy" For Aging Joints

Tom... thank you!

We’ve received your KneeCaps™ order. That means you’re just a few days away from a wave of relief and mobility!

And since the shipping box is still open, it’s crucial for you to read this letter right now. If you don't, your package will ship without this joint resurrector that took us years to discover.

So if you want superior relief for every joint in your body…plus relief for the muscles and tendons that can spasm and torture these joints…

I’m talking whole body relief...

You must read this letter now. You owe it to yourself and your future.

Cooling Gel Packs Alone Are Not Enough

If I could wave a magic wand, I’d put a set of KneeCaps in every household in America for free.

Unfortunately, economics and physics don't work like that. But that’s how much the team, including myself, a doctor, and physical therapist, believe in KneeCaps.

So please understand: we’re thrilled for you! I know first-hand how much your KneeCaps will help knees and elbows.

But as effective as they are, they are not designed to address Systemic Mobility Dysfunction, or SMD.

SMD can move into every joint in the body over time and create the same suffering that’s plaguing your knees and elbows. It can spread to the low back, mid-back, shoulders, neck…even the hands and feet...

And It Gets Even Worse

The real tragedy is SMD affects the muscles and tendons…places where cooling-based approaches like KneeCaps can only help locally.

Your body is mostly muscle tissue and water. That’s why we call this “Systemic Mobility Dysfunction”.

SMD is often the reason for that bent-over “hobbling” look you see in so many seniors. Or that nagging, persistent all-over ache that slows you down just enough to ruin your day. Or those mornings where it feels like you were hit by a truck.

If you’re over 50, chances are it’s happening now. Plus SMD usually progresses as we age.

Ideal diets and the right kind of exercise helps SMD, and of course we encourage that. But oftentimes SMD has already grabbed hold of seniors well before a “prevention” approach can work.

God willing, Tom…I hope I’m wrong. I hope you’re set free from this future. But it’s a pattern I’ve seen for many, many years.

But there’s good news: We’ve addressed the unspoken suffering so many seniors experience.

Why? Because we’re in the business of complete relief.

So let me share a bit more about SMD with you...

...and then I’ll share a “whispered conversation” with my doctor that changed my life...

And the lives of thousands of men and women suffering from SMD...

"I'm Just Getting Old!"

Nonsense... It's Probably SMD

If you look at how our bodies were designed, you’ll see that they have a near-miraculous way of repairing themselves. Far superior to any computer or device man has made, our bodies, while temporary, were not designed to needlessly suffer.

And SMD is needless suffering in my opinion. That’s why we’ve been so committed to finding an answer to it.

But what is it? And why does it pose such a threat to your present and future mobility? 

What Causes SMD?

SMD has many causes. Some, to be honest, are unknown to us. And some may just be the result of older age. But most SMD is caused by three lifestyle factors affecting the lives the majority of seniors:

A diet high in inflammatory foods. If it were as easy as saying, “Just eat a healthy diet!”...Well that would be fantastic. Unfortunately, what inflames one person doesn't affect another.

It’s true that processed foods, sugar, many grains, and alcohol create issues with inflammation in most people. But in others, it’s the odd foods that are next to impossible to pinpoint.

In me, broccoli and kale were culprits! I’ve seen inflammatory food blood labs that revealed the weirdest results. Foods you’d NEVER think were problematic. So “eat healthy” simply won’t cut it. And let’s face it: Most of us eat known offending foods too frequently anyway. We’re only human. So you need additional help, even if your diet appears to be ideal.

A lack of consistent and correct movement. You’ve heard all your life that you should exercise to stay more mobile as you age, right? But rarely do you hear this: It’s difficult to exercise correctly for your specific body type. Even if you’re really active and committed to physical movement as I am, your body has been through a lot in the decades you’ve been alive. Consider that for a moment. Then ask yourself, “Is the exercise I’m doing harming my joints and surrounding tissues due to injuries or unknown structural issues?” Only a doctor and a kinesiologist can tell you for sure.

Now let me be clear: I love exercise. We here at KneeCaps highly encourage proper exercise under a doctor’s supervision. But it’s a mixed bag: it can prevent SMD in many places while, if not done properly, encourage it in others. So you need additional help whether you exercise or not.

Mental and emotional stress. The kids. The grandkids. We worry about their futures…as well we should. And what of our own future? Retirement, post-retirement, long-term health care, social security, Medicare…the list of worries at our age goes on and on.

Some of us are better “worry warts” than others. My dad could worry with the best of them. The constitution of a thoroughbred. My mom? Not so much. Her worry contributed to her lack of mobility in her later years. (This was long before my discovery…one I’m about to share, so keep reading.)

It goes without saying: all of us worry. All of us deal with times of severe mental and emotional duress. And that means all of us need extra nutrient support…because as we age the nutrients we get from everyday foods decreases. And some nutrients we can never get no matter how healthy we eat, simply because they’re not a part of Western culture.

It's The Difference Between
 Growing Older And "Feeling OLD"

These three factors alone can lead us to the conclusion that we’re just getting old.

Here’s the truth: Sure, we’re getting older. But FEELING OLD is something we can and MUST address... right now... before it really is too late.

So when I started to feel old in my early 50s, I decided to pay a visit to my doctor. He’s around the same age as I am…yet he was hiking, running, playing tennis. He had far more “mobility” freedom than I enjoyed. At the time my knees hurt too much to even think about any of that.

Then that all changed after he whispered something to me in his office…

"I'm Not Supposed To Tell You This... But..."

Anthony was my doctor and my friend. I’m lucky to have such a guy in my life. So when I saw him about my agonizing knee pain, he told me all the doctor-medical stuff…then he told me this:

“I’m not really supposed to mention this because it would freak some people out. But you know me - I’ll recommend supplements or nutrients over drugs when I can.”

“I’ve been using this formulation built around this really weird Biblical spice. One they gave to Christ when he was born. Wait until you hear about THIS...”