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Knees Ache?

Get Lightning Fast Relief Without Risky Drugs Thanks To Revolutionary New Ver2Flex™ Technology!*

Introducing the KneeCap™ Therapeutic Compression Wrap…

Designed by a world-renowned physical therapist!

Contains a unique cold pack to reduce pain and swelling!

Brings all-natural rapid relief to aching knees, elbows and heels!

Delivers vertical, flexible support to areas above and below the join so relief happens faster!

Allows joints to comfortably move while soothing sets in!

New Breakthrough Targets Neglected Areas That Cause Or Contribute To Joint Discomfort

Did you know your knees and elbows alone may not be the cause of your discomfort? Often it’s the tendons and muscles above or below the achy joint that need both cooling and support to bring faster relief.

That’s why KneeCaps, with their patented Ver2Flex™ Technology, revolutionized the way we soothe our aching knees and elbows. Heels, too! Ver2Flex stands for Vertical Flexion, the key to KneeCaps’ speedy soothing power.

Designed by world-renowned physical therapist Kathi Fairbend, MS, RPT, working with a leading Johns Hopkins-educated doctor, KneeCaps are quickly replacing inferior ice packs and over-the-counter solutions to the problem of discomfort.

And here’s why:

KneeCaps are designed to give crucial vertical flexion support (the Ver2Flex Effect) to inflamed joints. This helps calm and cool the surrounding tissues, often decreasing the time it takes to experience joint relief.

Use It When You're Wanting Back In The Game Of Life

Look... you’re busy. Doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 80. You don’t have time to sit around and wait for your knees or elbows to feel better. And relief medications are often dangerous, expensive, or both.

Time down means life wasted. Our days are far too precious to waste time sitting around and suffering. KneeCaps allows you to quickly resume normal activity while relief sets in thanks to our patented Ver2Flex design.

Ver2Flex creates flexible, mobile support that ensures your vertical tissues are taken care of while you move about naturally. That’s why our customers tell us they experience rapid relief ... much faster than using outdated and inferior ice packs.

Cooling Relief

That Saves Time And Money

Did you know Americans spend over $635 billion dollars a year seeking relief? Joint relief makes up the bulk of that spending. That means as we age, our knees and elbows are costing us a fortune.

More than that: many of these solutions are loaded with risk. One popular over-the-counter medication (the most popular) carries a strong heart attack warning…even for one pill if you’re at risk. Plus these medications are hard on the liver and kidneys.

While medications are sometimes needed, why not try a far less expensive, 100% natural, doctor-designed and approved solution first? Or alongside your doctor’s recommended treatment? The result can be money saved, time restored, and a more active life!

Just open your freezer, pop one of our patented KneeCap gel packs into the V-Flex cap wrap, and you’re good to go.

Move while you enjoy speedy relief!

Greater Long-Term Protection At Any Age

Joint discomfort is not just a problem for those of us over 50. Thanks to diets high in inflammatory foods, even teenagers and those in their 20s are experiencing the onset of joint problems. Often the problems will grow chronic far sooner than ours did.

KneeCaps offer a powerful defense against this early deterioration. Use them for relief or for proactive therapy to help reduce inflammation before it becomes chronic…and damages joints for good.

Enjoy The Mobility Of Youth Again!

Sometimes we just wish we felt a little younger. And while nothing can turn back the hands of Father Time, easing joint suffering can be a magical experience when it comes to feeling younger.

Imagine joints that feel like they’re running on rails…gliding rather than creaking…taking you where you need to go without aches and twinges at every turn and step.

That can help anyone feel younger again!

And did you know research now proves that leg strength and flexibility are like an “aging clock”? That means the less strength we have in our lower body, the faster we tend to age.

KneeCaps, with their ultra-simplistic “toss it on and forget about it” design, can help you regain the joint flexibility and relief needed to strengthen your lower body... and slow the aging process as much as humanly possible.

The mobility of youth can be regained with a combination of a healthy lifestyle and daily vertical cooling support for your joints and surrounding tissues.

Only KneeCaps, with their Ver2Flex™ support design, can deliver it, allowing more folks to enjoy…

More Energy

When discomfort is raging, our energy is drained. Smooth, flexible joints without needless inflammation ensures our natural energy levels are optimized. Play with the kids and grandkids, enjoy sports and hobbies, and bound up stairs with the energy of someone a decade younger or more!

More Support

The vertical areas around our knees and elbows are absolutely vital to support and soothe. Without support like our Ver2Flex™ design offers, these areas are neglected…and relief is either postponed or canceled. Let’s get you the support you need!

More Relief

Once Ver2Flex™ wraps comfortably around your vertical tissues and your aching knees or elbows, you’ll feel the difference immediately! Our customers rave about the relief. Faster, deeper, longer-lasting…many swear it’s like a joint and muscle massage rather than a cooling pack!

Customers Love Us

"No matter your knee issue, the Kneecap is effective, and its design is fun! Instead of having to sit around the way I would with any regular cold pack, I can stay mobile and active with this on my knee. I even take less pain medicine with regular use of the KneeCap! I recommend the Kneecap without hesitation."

Customer image

Larry Weber

Founder of Weber Shandwick and Chairman and CEO of Racepoint Global

“I played handball for 25 years and did some real damage to my elbows, heels and knees. Working as a pipefitter didn’t help my joints, either. Until I found the Kneecap, no wrap, sleeve or cold pack could reduce my pain and let me move around while it worked. That’s why I consider the Kneecap a miracle—and not just for knees. My elbows and heels haven’t felt this good in a long, long time. I use two at a time. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Customer image

Charlie "Red" Donovan


"The Kneecap is so versatile, easy to use and comfortable. I first used it for a recurring problem associated with my knee which caused pain, swelling and poor range of motion. Because the Kneecap has a secure pocket where the included cold pack goes, I was able to get relief for my pain without constantly having to re-adjust cold packs or straps, and I could just relax and let the Kneecap do it’s job. I really, really like this product. It’s absolutely ingenious.”

Customer image

Miranda Diggle


KneeCaps Were Designed For...


...who experience the aches, swelling, discomfort, and at times agony of aging...

why not do something today to help?


...who demand joints that allow for maximum power, speed, and flexibility...

why not give yourself a natural edge?

On-the-go Professionals

...who have no time for nagging joints to slow them down...

why not optimize your time and life?

Food Lovers

...who just don't have the time or resources to eat a joint-friendly, low-inflammatory diet. And sometimes it's just a temporary lack of willpower. We've all been there!

So why not help ease the harmful impact of processed foods on joints?

Try It On Us... And Prove It To Yourself!

When it comes down to it, the only rave review that really counts is yours. That’s why we want you to try KneeCaps on our dime... without any risk and free from hassles.

No fine print. No catches. No gimmicks. You’ll either love... even swear by KneeCaps for speedy joint relief, or we refuse to take your money.

We are in the business of relief. We’re a small, American-based business with small-town ethics. So the thought of an unhappy customer would cause us to lose sleep at night... even one.

And while we’ve yet to need this money-back guarantee, it’s there for you if for any reason you do.

Fair enough?

Order An Extra KneeCap For Your Elbows or Heels!

Plus KneeCaps aren’t just for knees. Our Ver2Flex design allows for easy use on knees, elbows, heels… or two at the same time. So you’ll want to pick up a few pairs when you order today.

And remember to include a pair for someone you love!

Now... let's get you and your loved ones some relief ASAP!